About Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors, with their visionary leadership and extensive expertise, steers our company towards sustainable growth and success. Through their strategic insights and determination, they provide guiding direction that propels our company forward with the right steps even in challenging business environments. Our Board members stand out for their high ethical values, striving to uphold our company's reputation at the highest level. Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, we continue on a journey filled with significant opportunities and achievements for the future.

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Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT is the Founder and Chairman of INO Networks Group. He was born in Switzerland, grew up in Turkey, lived in Hong Kong for a few years and returned to Turkey in 2016. He is the first person who has established privately-owned agent network organisations for freight forwarders and logistics companies on a global scale in Turkey. Starting at a young age, he quickly found his place in the business environment. His first steps into the logistics industry started in high school and continued with productive internships during his university years. He has a bachelor degree in International Logistics & Transportation and a master’s degree in Management and Organisation.

Mr. KIRIKKANAT has rich experience in the international freight forwarding industry and strengthened his knowledge with various certificate programs, such as: E-Foreign Trade Specialist, Logistics Management, Cargo Sales and Marketing, DGR, Office Programs, Photoshop, Flash, Web Design (DW, HTML/CSS) and Web Program (PHP). He was also the shareholder of two international freight forwarding and logistics companies in Turkey. He has contributed to the Turkish logistics sector with his new concept, introducing the ‘Online Logistics Seminar Certificate Program’, which is a distance learning method with the slogan of ‘Isi Patrondan Ogren’ (Learn business from the boss). He was teaching logistics online with totally different concepts, focusing on practices and sharing his valuable experiences about the sector. He was also issuing a certificate—approved by the Turkey Ministry of National Education—to his students, in collaboration with Toros University, located in Mersin, Turkey.

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Mrs. Selda KIRIKKANAT is the General Coordinator of INO Networks Group (3F, FM and OPCA). She has a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. After graduating from university, she taught English in one of the famous English Language Course Centres in Turkey on the weekends, and during the weekdays she started to work in logistics department in one of the main suppliers of Ford & Land Rover. Later, she became the Logistics Chief of the company. Then she started to work at one of the biggest Turkish auto and building glass suppliers, as the Import and Export Executive. Mrs. Kirikkanat strengthened her knowledge with various programs, such as: E-Foreign Specialist, Web Design and Web Program. She worked in every step of agent networking, marketing and AGM arrangements. She still expertly coordinates all daily activities of INO Networks Group and especially manages the contract process with business partners. Mrs. Kirikkanat and Mr. Kirikkanat have been working together as husband and wife since 2010.