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Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network

Established in 2009, the 3F is a premium global agent network for freight forwarders and logistics companies. The 3F has result-oriented membership requirements to ensure service quality of member agents, and it accepts strong, highly-experienced freight forwarders who are committed to cooperate network partners. The objective for all members is to work together and develop reciprocal business. The aim is to promote collaboration between member companies to increase shipment volume, productivity and profitability in a secure business environment. The 3F accepts a maximum of six members per country, based on its countryfocused concept—excluding big markets, such as China and India. These six members are selected from different cities, as much as possible.

Unique Features

Members are approved by existing members. In 3F, a company must maintain a one-year, beginner-level (excluding protection) membership and be expected to attend the first available Annual General Meeting (AGM). After successfully completing the one-year free membership, the company must submit two references from the network who can confirm the company’s service quality and credibility and recommend the company to become a “Verified” member. These unique features are implemented for maximum security, maximum performance, and maximum benefit of our members!

  •   Payment protection program
  •   Refer a friend program
  •   Members are approved by members
  •   Physical and virtual networking events