•   Kemal KIRIKKANAT
  •  05/03/2024

Why use social media?

I use it business-wise! To be perfectly honest with you, it already turned into a business for all. Social connections are used for business nowadays. As a freight forwarder and logistician, I will explain it in business-wise in this article.

Good Reasons to Use Social Media

Social media is super helpful for businesses like freight forwarding and logistics firms. It assists them to spread information about their services and connect with potential customers or partners. All these platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram are a great help to business life because they make it easy to share knowledge and talk to people. With social media, sellers and buyers can link up and use these platforms to boost their marketing and sales.

Social media plays an important role in every business person's life. Particularly, freight forwarders and logistics people should understand the importance of these tools that can bring value to their functions.

Instant Online Discussion

Social media has already become the preferred platform for stakeholders in the freight forwarding and logistics industry to interact. Big players use it effectively. Here, individuals can connect with like-minded professionals, seek answers to their queries, conduct marketing and sales activities, and expand their business networks. I must mention that a new platform “Freight Talk” started a new era in industry. The motto of Freight Talk is Meet, Talk, Grow: Nothing could have described what we need better than this approach.

Business Relationships

Freight forwarders and logistics companies, along with their staff, utilize social media to establish connections with worldwide agents, potential customers, suppliers, and other relevant organizations. However, at its core, social media is fundamentally about building relationships with individuals who share similar professional interests. Business people can engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including professionals from logistics, supply chain management, maritime, aviation, transportation, and freight forwarding sectors. LinkedIn, Facebook, Freight Talk, and Instagram can serve the goals of business professionals as much as they purposefully utilize them.

Knowledge Sharing

Social media offers an opportunity to share knowledge and establish credibility within your chosen field or market. In online communities, you can also gain valuable information and insights from those who have navigated similar paths or encountered comparable business situations.

Low Cost

It's a highly cost-effective communication medium, often offering reasonable prices for end users. Business professionals can leverage it not only for communication but also as a powerful promotional tool for events, marketing, sales, presentations, operations, and overall business advancement. Indeed, I am surprised how some companies miss it!

Connect at Any Time

Business networking never sleeps! You might not get an instant reply due to time differences but most social networking sites are not restricted by geography and there is often someone to chat to from the international community. If you look at "Freight Talk", it allows all-day networking, there is always someone who wants to develop business at any hour of the day.


Many people are increasingly spending a great deal of time on social networking sites. Social media should be seen as a wide-reaching tool to reach a huge audience so getting your name, and the company name out there on the web, in the way we choose, is an incredibly great opportunity. It can also be used as a tool to see what people, customers, or suppliers are saying about us!

Social media content is now integrated with search results. Young people will understand what I am saying, let's hope elders get it soon too.

Search engines like "Google" and "Bing" are increasingly indexing and ranking information from social networks. The more presence we have on social media sites, the higher our ratings become in online search results. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that if you're not on LinkedIn, you're not fully engaged in business life. Similarly, if you're absent from “Freight Talk” (, your presence in the logistics, supply chain, maritime, aviation, transportation, and freight forwarding sectors may be called into question. All of these platforms make it increasingly important that we present ourselves in a positive light.

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